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Walpole Study of the Transcendental Meditation Program in Maximum Security Prisoners II, Alexander,Charles N.; Orme-Johnson,David W. , Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Volume 36, p.127-160, (2003)
The effects of Transcendental Meditation compared to other methods of relaxation in reducing risk factors, morbidity, and mortality, Alexander, C.N.; Robinson, P.; Orme-Johnson, D.W.; Schneider, R.H.; Walton, K.G. , Homeostasis, Volume 352, p.243-264, (1994)
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El impacto de la reduccion del estres en el hypertension esencial y las enfermedades cardiovasculares., Barnes, V.A.; Orme-Johnson, D.W. , Revista Internacional De Ciencias Del Deporte (International Journal of Sports Science), Volume 4, p.1-30, (2008) Abstract
Clinical and pre-clinical applications of the Transcendental Meditation program in the prevention and treatment of essential hypertension and cardiovascular disease in youth and adults, Barnes, V.A.; Orme-Johnson, D.W. , Current Hypertension Reviews, Volume 2, p.207-218, (2006)
Worksite stress reduction through the Transcendental Meditation program, Broome J.R.; Orme-Johnson, D.W.; Schmidt-Wilk, J. , Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, Volume 17, p.235-276, (2005)
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Transcendental Meditation and improved performance on intelligence-related measures: a longitudinal study, Cranson, R.W.; Orme-Johnson, D.W.; Dillbeck, M.C.; Jones, C.H.; Alexander, C.N.; Gackenbach, J. , Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 12, p.1105-1116, (1991)
Effects of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program on quality of life indicators: consciousness as a field, Dillbeck, Michael C.; Cavanaugh, Kenneth L.; Glenn, Thomas; Orme-Johnson, David W; Mittlefehldt, Vicki , The Journal of Mind and Behavior, Volume 8, Issue 1, p.67-104, (1987)
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The Transcendental Meditation program and crime rate change in a sample of forty-eight cities, Dillbeck, Michael C.; Landrith III, Garland S.; Orme-Johnson, David W. , Journal of Crime and Justice, Volume 4, p.25-45, (1981)
Congressional Bipartisanship Through a Consciousness-Based (SM) Approach, Goodman, Rachel; Goodman, David.; Orme-Johnson, David , The 64th annual meeting of the The Midwest Political Science Association, 20/04/2006, (2006)
The Transcendental Meditation Program, Goodman,Rachel S.; Walton,Kenneth G.; Orme-Johnson,David W.; Boyer,Robert , Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Volume 36, Issue 1-4, p.1-33, (2003)
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The Effects of the Transcendental Mediation Technique and Progressive Muscle Relaxation on EEG Coherence, Stress Reactivity, and Mental Health in Black Adults, Gaylord-King,Carolyn; Orme-Johnson,David; Travis,Frederick , International Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 46, p.77-86, (1989)
Fulfilling the rehabilitative ideal through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programs: primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, Hawkins, Mark A.; Orme-Johnson, D.W.; Durchholz, C.F. , Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, Volume 17, p.443-488, (2005)
Effects of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation program on preventing violent crime in Washington D.C.: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July, 1993, Hagelin, J.S.; Rainforth, M.V.; Orme-Johnson, D.W.; Cavanaugh, K. L.; Alexander, C.N.; Shatkin, S.F.; Davies, J.L.; Hughes, A.O.; Ross, E. , Social Indicators Research, Volume 47, p.153-201, (1999)
The maharishi effect: A model for social improvement. Time series analysis of a phase transition to reduced crime in merseyside metropolitan area, Hatchard,Guy D.; Deans,Ashley J.; Cavanaugh, Kenneth L.; Orme-Johnson,David W. , Psychology, Crime & Law, Volume 2, p.165-174, (1996)
The impact of the transcendental meditation program on government payments to physicians in Quebec, Herron, R. E.; Hillis, S. L.; Mandarino, J. V.; Orme-Johnson, D. W.; Walton, K. G. , Am J Health Promot, Volume 10, p.208-216, (1996)
Transcendental consciousness wakes up in dreaming and deep sleep, Mason, Lynne I.; Orme-Johnson, David W. , International Journal Of Dream Research, Volume 3, Issue 1, (2010) Abstract
Electrophysiological correlates of higher states of consciousness during sleep in long-term practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation program, Mason, L. I.; Alexander, C. N.; Travis, F. T.; Marsh, G.; Orme-Johnson, D. W.; Gackenbach, J.; Mason, D. C.; Rainforth, M.; Walton, K. G. , Sleep, Feb, Volume 20, p.102-110, (1997)
Kohlbergian Cosmic Perspective Responses, EEG Coherence, and the TM and TM-Sidhi Programme, Nidich,Sanford I.; Ryncarz,Robert A.; Abrams,Allan I.; Orme-Johnson,David; Wallace,Robert Keith , Journal of Moral Education, Volume 12, p.166-173, (1983)
Kohlbergian moral perspective responses, EEG coherence, and the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, Nidich, Sanford; Ryncarz, Robert A; Abrams, Allan I.; Orme-Johnson, David W,; Wallace, Robert K.eith , Journal of Moral Education, Volume 12, Issue 3, p.166-173, (1983)