Maharishi School, West Lancashire, England

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Maharishi School pupils have gained gained many top place medals in the UK Mathematics Challenge (out of over 200 000 entries), come first in the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry at Manchester University and won many national poetry prizes.

Many Maharishi School pupils have won national poetry prizes and gained membership of the National Association of Gifted and Talented Youth.

Since Maharishi School started entering pupils for GCSE examinations in 1990, the following cumulative figures are particularly noteworthy. The percentage of GCSE passes at grades A or A* at Maharishi School since 1990 is 39.1%, while nationally the figure is 14% over the same period (for all those years when national figures are available.)

The percentage at grades A-C from pupils at Maharishi School since 1990 is 87.3%, nationally the figure is 54.2%.

The percentage of pupils at Maharishi School gaining 5 or more passes at grade C or above since 1990 is 89%, while the figure nationally is 44.6%.

In conclusion, pupils at Maharishi School pass examinations at grades A or A* at almost 3 times the national rate. Passes at grades A to C are almost 60% higher than the national average while the percentage of pupils passing 5 or more GCSE examinations at grades A*-C is double the national average rate.

In 2006, 100% of pupils gained 5 or more passes at grade C or above with 58% of the passes being at grades A or A*.

In 2007, students at Maharishi School were delighted to find that they had all achieved 5+ or more passes at grade C or above. 100% of the passes were at grade C or above compared with a national average of 63%. Even more astonishing is that almost 66% of the passes were at the highest grades of A or A*, this is over 3 times the national figure of 19.5%.